Our friends about us

"Ewe Comp d.o.o. has been a valuable and highly dedicated distribution partner for our CHIEFTEC brand since 2002 and has received several “BEST PARTNER” and “PREMIUM DISTRIBUTOR” awards, year on year!"

Roger Oka
Chieftec Head Of Global Sales
Messages by other friends

"The reason why we chose Ewe as our business partner is simple: focus and passion toward results, combined with knowledge, productivity, and professionalism. We believe that a positive attitude toward everyday challenges, mutual understanding and wide experience in distribution makes Ewe the right partner for further developing Dahua Technology Brand on the domestic market. Commitment to the same goals allows us to provide client services and products of the highest level."

Regional Sales Manager
Ales Dejak

"We’ve been doing business with EWE for the past 8 years in a very professional environment, fast & efficient responses, and in a friendly way. We highly value this partnership."

Export Manager
Olivier Poteaux

"Spire is proud to be long term partners with EWE for over 10 years as our distribution partner and system integration customer in Serbia. EWE is a professional company with knowledgeable, dedicated people who understand the market of computer products and peripherals. "

Rolf Borrenbergs

"Company VEGA, which has been a part of the ELMA TT group since 2015, has cooperated with EWE since 2005. During these years we have developed a partnership based on reliability and respect. With full responsibility, we can claim that EWE comp is an organization that works based on European quality, standards, and respect for the negotiated terms. "

Sales Specialist
Sandi Suvajac

"Ewe – Very professional team, accurate in daily business and allways achieving their goals. "

Sales Director – South Eastern Europe
Cristian Bucur

"Choosing EWE is our best choice. You are Fantastic, Superb and Brilliant !!!"

Sales Department
Anita Wang

"Ewe comp is the biggest Kingston’s distributor in the Balkans. What sets Ewe apart are not just numbers, but also the ease of communication and doing business. That ease of everyday business can be felt in every segment of the company. I have great pleasure to work directly with one of the best PMs in this region, Jovan Mijat, who understands the market and the environment, and, based on experience responds fast and adequately to turbulent changes. With the management of the company, all deals are made easily in a few minutes and their expertise has been leading the company in the right direction for years. Agile marketing, with Marija Popovic at the lead, is always flexible and they can fulfill any demand. Logistics and warehouse finish their tasks as fast as possible and in the best possible way. Those are all reasons why this company is where it is and why it is one of the best distributors in the region. "

BDM - Serbia,Croatia,B&H,Macedonia and Montenegro
Dejan Skuletic

"Reliable. Loyal. Strong."

Sales Director CEE, Baltics, Israel, Turkey & CIS
Dainius Urbanavicius

"Dell EMC recognizes our long time strategic Distribution Partner, Ewe Comp d.o.o., as a leader in the Serbian IT market.  Ewe Comp d.o.o. continuously demonstrates excellence in representing our brand in front of our entire customer base.  They have significantly contributed to the successful distribution of the latest Dell EMC technology through creative sales & marketing backed up by a solid supply chain"

Regional Sales Director Volume Distribution
David Spruyt

"Ewe Comp is efficient and very flexible system at the same time, with modern approach to business."

"We are a decade-long partners with EWE and for all these years we have experienced nothing but the highest professional standards in their approach to our cooperation. They have the structure, the expertise and the manpower to fulfill the most demanding endeavors in the Serbian market. We are looking forward to many years of continued prosperity and excellence in Serbia, thanks to our partnership with EWE."

Regional Manager for Balkans
Aleksandar Blagojevic

"EWE is our firm stepping stone into not only Serbian but also regional market. As a one stop shop in terms of distribution, sales push and marketing, this is the only that we need to cater to our requirements in non-EU region of the Western Balkans. "

"Company D-Link and Ewe Comp. one of the leading IT distributors have had successful cooperation for more than 8 years. The number of partners of Ewe comp is increasing, and a special note to our cooperation gives diversification of the partner network from retail channel to the enterprise segment. The greatest value in every company are its employees. Besides expertise, Ewe’s employees have exceptional personal qualities and are always open to innovations in all segments, which improves and strengthens our cooperation."

Country Manager Adria
Ivo Pavicic

"EWE has been Energy Sistem’s best choice to open the Serbian market."

Sales Marketing Manager
Vicenta Antón Gregori

"It is with great pleasure that we recommend Ewe Comp d.o.o. as a first class Distribution partner. Ewe Comp d.o.o. has been a valuable and highly dedicated distribution partner for our CHIEFTEC brand since 2002 and has received several “BEST PARTNER” and “PREMIUM DISTRIBUTOR” awards, year on year! In my function as the Head of Global Sales, I have had the privilege to work directly with many of the fine people at Ewe Comp d.o.o. for over sixteen years and look back at this time with utmost contentment as stipulated targets were continuously over achieved."

Head of Global Sales
Roger Oka

"It is a pleasure to work with a professional and reliable Partner for more than 12 years already. Thank You!"

Sales manager for CEE region
Peter Oros

"My dear ones, thank you for 10 beautiful years of cooperation and your unselfish contribution to affirm Acer! When it was the hardest you were the most persistent… and in the next 10 years, there will be no time to relax. "

Business Manager - Notebook
Milan Radic

"In Cooler Master, we don't like the term distributor, because partnership and friendship are keys to success, and Ewe is the company that has fit perfectly in that concept for many years."

Regional Manager
Tijana Milosavljevic

"Ewe is a company from which you always get reliable information and at the right time, the authority that they have in the eyes of their customers enables stable business; Ewe’s employees are always pleasant and ready for new challenges."

Fast (Sencor & Yenkee)
Dejan Stankovic

"When it is necessary to develop partnership and approach the market with ambitious plans and impossible conditions through intensive competition and unlimited transformations, Ewe comp is a strategic partner that you want on your side."

Area Sales Manager
Ivana Kokalovic

"Professionals, specialists, perfectionists. All those are epithets that, without a doubt, describe people at EWE. But the most precise description would be- enthusiasts. Only enthusiasts cross borders of partnership with ease and personal professionalism, while human qualities create the holy grail of distributer’s IT business- added value. The link that connects AMD and EWE is the fundamental philosophy of the founders of both companies “people first, then business will follow”. Shared values of our two companies are the basis of solid and reliable long-term cooperation."

Adriatic Sales Manager
Viktorija Baralic

"Ewe Comp d.o.o. is our A4TECH good partners, we have been cooperation very smoothly, and mutual trust between the company and cooperate with each other, has been set up good relations of cooperation, also, we expect our further cooperation getting better and better."

Sales Representative

"As SHARP, we are proud to be represented by EWE on the Serbian market – EWE secures and supports delivery of SHARP’s high-quality audio-visual products and services to Serbian retailers and consumers. It is professional, creative and dedicated, which matches perfectly our way of working and thinking. Professionally and personally, our collaboration is strong on both levels!"

Vice President Marketing & Sales
Sascha Lange

"From the very beginning EWE Computers repeatedly proven to be key GIGABYTE partner in West Balkan region. Together, we will grow our business and offer best quality products to customers in region."

Direktor prodaje za region Istočne Evrope
Wu Fan-Pin

"A new generation of people means a new generation of needs. Ewe comp is our valuable business partner who supports us by sharing our brand philosophy and putting the need of consumer on a first place. Ewe comp understands the BEKO meaningful solutions and put efforts to make our products reach the customers through their extensive network. Having such a partner with proactive approach and willingness to collaborate in a new ways have helped us to share the story of our brand, build relationships and bring the value to our consumers. I am sure in future Beko will continue increasing number of satisfied customers, together with Ewe comp, a partner always ready to further develop business knowledge and to contribute in effective ways, with valuable market insights. Because we know that real business value is created through knowledge, collaboration and partnerships. Together, we will aim truly to stand by our consumers by creating the best products to solve their real, everyday needs."

Beko Balkans Team

"EWE's distribution power is in the beauty of combining purchase and sales manager in one, this kind of best process understanding is creating win-win business opportunity for supplier as much for the customer channel."

Regional Manager
Jovan Milicevic

"Hisense values strategic partnership with company EWE and its contribution in sales of Hisense TV appliances in Serbia."

Managing Director
Boštjan Vodeb

"Ewe Comp d.o.o. continuously challenges the status quo, leading and building trust with their customers since 2012 in the Serbian market. As a strategic business partner, Ewe Comp d.o.o. compliments Kyocera Document Solution’s core principles, as founded in our company’s philosophy, thereby embodying the spirit of promoting a great Attitude, great Effort and great Ability in all their business endeavours."

General Manager Corporate Sales Division
Scott Rankin

"Since the first days of our commercial life, as Fanset, we have always seen our customers not as customers in the market, but as partners that we grow and gain together. This understanding can definitely be established if it can be crossed with our business partner on a common plane. Ewe is a very successful and suitable partner inline with our mentality for us. In this context, we are pleased to be working with Ewe Company, which we sustain our mutual openness and sincerity."

Export Area Manager
Dogukan Bozkurt